Team 18 have revealed a fan-inspired indigenous livery for Mark Winterbottom’s 2023 DEWALT Racing Camaro for the Supercars Indigenous Round in Darwin and the Townsville 500.

Winterbottom, the 2013 Bathurst 1000 winner and 2015 Supercars Champion, will carry the artwork of renowned Kalkadoon artist Chern’ee Sutton, in collaboration with DEWALT and Stanley Black & Decker.

After designing the artwork for Winterbottom’s Supercar at the inaugural Supercars Indigenous Round last year, Sutton returns to partner with the team after a busy 12 months that has seen her design the official branding for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup, a commemorative coin for the Queensland Government House and act as an ambassador for Queensland Day on June 6.

Sutton has drew inspiration from her inaugural indigenous livery design as well as the experiences from attending the Townsville 500 and seeing her design on track in the Supercars Championship, focussing on the passion of the fans and the bright future of the team.

At the heart of the design is a sun with the community symbol in the centre representing the wheels, and the yellow sun rays signifying race tracks and circuits. 

White lines are travelling lines and represent the communities and regions that Team 18 travels to, from the coast and the mountains to the outback and bush. 

Kangaroo and emu footprints symbolise the drivers and racing teams always moving forwards, never backwards, and the handprint represents the traditional custodians of the land. 

The boomerang signifies the teams and their supporters returning year after year to compete and the dots in the background symbolise the spectators and supporters. 

Team 18, in collaboration with graphic designer Nick Moss, paint partner PPG and graphic design partners Ball & Doggett to bring the 2023 DEWALT Racing indigenous livery to life.

Sutton flew down from Bundaberg in Queensland to Melbourne to meet with Winterbottom and executives from DEWALT and Stanley Black & Decker to reveal the livery and explain the story behind this year’s design. Sutton will also attend next weekend’s Darwin event to see the team in action.

Winterbottom will hit the track in the DEWALT Racing Camaro at the BetR Darwin Triple Crown on 16-18 June at Hidden Valley Raceway on Larakia Land.’


Chern’ee Sutton, Artist for the 2023 DEWALT Racing Indigenous Livery

“The DEWALT Racing Supercar looks absolutely amazing in its indigenous round colour scheme. Team 18 has done an amazing job to bring my artwork to life and I can’t wait to see it racing on track in Darwin.

“I feel incredibly proud to be involved again. I never thought I’d ever see my artwork on a race car, and now I get to do it two years in a row, so that’s an incredibly special feeling for me and the indigenous round is something that I’m really honoured to be a part of again. It’s such an important round and it puts a lot of our artists in the spotlight with all the amazing artwork on the liveries for all the teams.

“My inspiration for this year’s design was representing the passion of Supercars fans attending the indigenous round, as well as the bright future of Team 18, Frosty and DEWALT. I did implement a few of my experiences from last year and seeing the race in person in Townsville. It was really fun doing this year’s design too because it was a change in colour scheme with the red, the yellow, and the black, which is also the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

“I think the whole event is fantastic and the whole community gets behind it as well. I’ve never been to Darwin so I’m excited to go there for the first time to attend the event and I can’t wait to see all the other liveries from all the other amazing artists and the exhibition that they’ll be having too with all the different artists and the stories behind each piece.

“The last 12 months for me has been absolutely hectic. I’m the artist for the branding for the FIFA Women’s World Cup which is coming up very shortly here in Australia and New Zealand, they recently launched the game ball which I was involved with in the design. I also recently designed a commemorative coin for the Queensland Government House, and an ambassador for Queensland Day on the June 6, so that was a really great experience as well.”

Matt Francis, Brand Partnerships & Activation Manager – Stanley Black & Decker

“The DEWALT team are thrilled to be working with Chern’ee once more as one of Australia premier indigenous artists. Not only does Chern’ee’s artwork stand out on its own, but the meaning behind each of the individual elements, and the way it has been brought to life and incorporated on the #18 Camaro by Team 18 and Nick Moss Design creates a very impactful statement.”

We are looking forward to taking this livery and sharing it with the Darwin and Townsville communities over the next 2 rounds of the Supercars.”

Mark Winterbottom, driver #18 DEWALT Racing Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

“The car looks fantastic. We’re very lucky that Chern’ee takes the time and puts the effort into doing what she does, and it’s an absolute piece of art, but also the story behind it is amazing.

“I really enjoy that because obviously when people see the car, they see it for what it is, but the story behind it is so much more than the colours and the design. I think the DEWALT car will be one of the best looking if not the best looking car when we hit the track in Darwin.

“Chern’ee tells the story really well and it’s each little individual element that has a reason and a story behind it about communities coming together for this event. It’s a very positive artwork that’s been portrayed on our car.

“I’m honoured to represent it and she’s very proud of her history and heritage, so to put it on the car means a lot to her, and that means a lot to me to represent. 

“I think Darwin and indigenous round go hand in hand. I think it’s been received really well and lots of people come and watch that race from around the country. It was a huge success last year and I think it’s important for the sport to have these iconic events, whether it’s indigenous round or retro round or whatever it is that creates something special for each place we visit.

“As a team we represent it really well with both cars. Each car has a different story and a different background. There’s a lot of positivity with my story and one of them is about leading the footsteps to victory, so that’ll be the goal for us at Hidden Valley.”