Mark Winterbottom’s #18 DEWALT Racing Team 18 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 will sport an electrifying new look at this weekend’s Sydney SuperNight and next month’s The Bend SuperSprint, with additional branding promoting DEWALT’s revolutionary POWER STACK™ battery.

The dynamic new livery features the striking DEWALT POWERSTACK™ branding, alongside the iconic yellow and black colours that represent the world’s largest power tool company and the flagship brand of Stanley Black & Decker.

The electric blue accents highlight the groundbreaking DEWALT POWERSTACK™ battery, a game-changing development in the power tool space, boasting remarkable advancements in performance and design.

With an astonishing 50% more power, twice the lifespan, and a compact size that is 25% smaller, DEWALT is a world-leader in utilising pouch cell batteries and leading the charge into the cordless job sites of the future.

The livery was unveiled in stunning fashion with the backdrop of the Melbourne city skyline earlier in the week, before Mark Winterbottom and Team 18 take on Sydney Motorsport Park under lights this weekend.

Sydney Motorsport Park represents a homecoming for the Western Sydney born and raised driver, with Winterbottom sitting tenth in the drivers standings with one race win and seven top ten finishes.

Winterbottom will hit the track in the DEWALT Racing Camaro for the Beaurepaires Sydney SuperNight at Sydney Motorsport Park from 28-30 July, with practice kicking off for the Repco Supercars Championship on Saturday morning.


Mark Winterbottom, driver #18 DEWALT Racing Team 18 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

“The new colours look fantastic and DEWALT’s been a great partner of ours and now with POWERSTACK™ as well with a bit of blue under lights should look amazing. Hopefully its debut is this really good looking car up the front at Sydney. I love it and hopefully we’re strong this weekend.

“Sydney’s going to be really interesting. Saturday night is one format, long strategy, under lights, all those sort of things, and then we roll up Sunday, and they flip the whole format and it goes back to sprint racing. We’re on the one tyre compound all weekend, so if we’re fast Saturday, we should be good Sunday, but I like the format. I think the long format’s exciting, leading into enduros, and then a little bit of a sprint format just to put the pressure back on for those short races.

“I like going back to Sydney. It’s where I grew up. I love going home and it’d be nice to get this new, shiny car a bit of champagne under lights.

“It’s really cool to get the car here in the city, it’s amazing. The car looks fantastic and the backdrop is unreal. I’m kind of spoilt, because, this is my hometown I get to see it a lot, but I never get to bring my DEWALT Camaro into the city, so I’m very proud to stand here, and stand next to it. It’s something I never take for granted driving these cars, and bringing it to the city is as cool as it gets. I don’t know if I get to drive it home, but it looks pretty good sitting there at the moment.

“It’s great because the POWERSTACK™ battery is such an important component and DEWALT are world leaders and like us, it’s all about performance. We’re winning on track, they’re winning off track and that’s always the plan. The team use the POWERSTACK battery, we rely on it and hopefully it gives us the edge. We’re always looking for that little edge and I know our team definitely appreciate the product and hopefully gives us the edge on the weekend.”

Charlie Schwerkolt, Owner/Team Principal of Team 18

“It’s so exciting to be part of this collaboration with DEWALT for the Sydney night race and The Bend.

“The addition of the DEWALT POWERSTACK™ branding to our livery not only looks sensational, but represents our shared commitment to push boundaries and embrace cutting-edge technology.

“Supercars look incredible under lights and I think the DEWALT Camaro will be a real crowd pleaser on track this weekend.”

Adrian Davis, Managing Director ANZ Stanley Black & Decker

“DEWALT has always been known for innovation and bringing class leading products into the market. The POWER STACK™ Battery Platform is our most recent example of this.

“This battery technology is truly revolutionary and ushers in a new era of cordless power tool performance.

“It is exciting to see the POWERSTACK™ brand added to the #18 Camaro as an extension of our partnership with Team 18 over the next couple of rounds.”